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  UFRN Universidade Federal do Rio Grande do Norte

  CT Centro de Tecnologia, DEE - Departamento de Engenharia Elétrica

  Adaptive Systems Lab. - Núcleo Tecnológico Industrial

  Campus Universitário - Lagoa Nova - CEP 59072-970 - Natal / RN / Brasil

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Current Projects (2007)

Pattern recognition, image and signal processing

  • Content based image retrieval using tree-structured self-organizing maps
  • Fault and state monitoring of electrical machines using intelligent systems
  • Parallel self-organizing maps with application clustering privacy and distributed data
  • Visualization of high dimensional data a comparative approach of scaling and projection methods

Data mining and Business intelligence

  • Business performance evaluation using scorecards and strategic maps - Critical viewpoints and new developments using BI
  • Multivariate estimation models applied to performance evaluation of telecommunications networks services and corporate business

Past projects

  • Natural computing methods applied to data clustering and image segmentation

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Please, if you have some interest in graduate degrees in electrical and/or computer engineering or industrial engineering @ UFRN send an e-mail. We have high interests in good students.


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